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dennisedson on January 25, 2023
We're adding new Webhook subscription types for merge, restore & association change events for CRM Objects. Merge : when one object is merged into the other in the CRM Restore : When an object is restored (opposite of delete) As read more
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HubSpot Employee
January 30, 2023 09:56
newObjectId : the Id of the object that was created from the result of the merge. This is separate from primaryObjectId because in some more
dennisedson on January 10, 2023
Beginning on February 1st, 2023 , the reports scope will no longer be a selectable scope option. Apps that are currently requesting this scope will have this scope automatically removed from the app configuration. Why is HubSpot m read more
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Dadams on September 27, 2022
Note : The final date for apps without redirect URLs being blocked from authorizing new users has been updated from April 3 to April 17 . Beginning on February 1st, 2023 , public apps will be required to set a redirect URL in order to c read more
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HubSpot Employee
January 24, 2023 14:06
Starting on April 3, 2023 , we will no longer support dynamic URLs, so you will need to switch to using the state= parameter to track the user more
rhenry on February 15, 2022
What’s changing? Today, HubSpot’s Forms APIs do not require that submission field values are declared ahead of time as fields on the form before submitting data to the API. From March 21st 2022 we will be rejecting any form submissio read more
November 02, 2022 09:08
We had an issue wit this. Before, forms didn't require to add Fields (=properties) to them. If the fields were valid, the forms worked. We had more
jmclaren on September 07, 2021
We recently made it possible to create dynamic pages powered by CRM objects . Prior to this only HubDB was able to be used as a data source for dynamic pages. To add support for the additional source type we created 2 new properties ( dynam read more
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jmclaren on June 10, 2021
We've added an additional level of depth to module field nesting. We are also excited to announce our new Media Bridge API, now in public beta. What is the Media Bridge API? The Media Bridge API provides a way for integrators to push media a read more
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