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dennisedson on Maio 10, 2024
What’s changing? The V1 Contact Lists API will sunset on May 30th, 2025 . After this date, calls made to the v1 endpoints will no longer function. We're sunsetting the V1 Contact Lists API to focus our development efforts on the improved V3 Leia mais
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Dadams on Abril 17, 2024
Today we're releasing an update to the auth settings for public apps . This update will add new options for choosing the scopes used by your app. The new settings are currently optional, but they will be required beginning on October 21 Leia mais
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jmclaren on Abril 05, 2024
This is a reposting of the developer changelog , if there are any differences the version live on the changelog is the official announcement. HubSpot's cookie consent banner allows site visitors to opt in or opt out of being tracked in your HubSp Leia mais
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Participante | Parceiro Platinum
Junho 20, 2024 06:52
Will it be possible to influence 3rd party cookies with the new Cookie Consent Banner v2?
dennisedson on Fevereiro 09, 2024
What’s happening? On May 20th, 2024, we will be removing two deprecated fields from the different versions of the Webhooks API: The rateLimitPolicy field will be removed from the legacy v1 Webhooks API The period field will be remove Leia mais
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Dadams on Dezembro 20, 2023
We'll be limiting requests to the GET /conversations/v3/conversations/threads endpoint to allow only a single inboxId query parameter. What's changing? This endpoint currently allows you to include multiple instances of the inboxI Leia mais
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Dadams on Dezembro 07, 2023
Beginning in March 2024 , we'll be updating the system that generates contact record IDs. This will affect the id for the v3 Contacts API , the vid for the legacy Contacts API , and the hs_object_id property returned with ei Leia mais
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7 Respostas
Março 26, 2024 03:00
What you guys did without any notice to users is very, very messed up; we lost a week of customers till we noticed the issue and had to spend hours t...Leia mais
dennisedson on Novembro 08, 2023
edit: In response to some customer feedback, we’ll be looking at enabling this feature via a setting instead of opting everybody into this by default and are removing the February 6, 2024 deadline and replacing with 1st half of 2024. Leia mais
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Dezembro 14, 2023 17:31
can i also do disabled person registration form online through this code ?
AJLaPorte on Outubro 19, 2023
On Jan 31, 2024, we will be sunsetting the following items in relation to HubDB: HubDB API v1 HubDB API v2 HubDB JavaScript Client We encourage users to migrate the HubDB v3 API . This API includes many performance, usab Leia mais
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Platinum
Janeiro 17, 2024 15:21
@AJLaPorte - by sunsetting, do you mean that the v1 & v2 endpoints will stop working on 31-Jan 2024?
Dadams on Setembro 18, 2023
Note: This post has been updated to reflect the new date that the changes will go live. The changes to the legacy v2 Forms API will now go into effect on March 19, 2024. We're changing how the lifecycle stage for CRM records is handled in fo Leia mais
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3 Respostas
Outubro 27, 2023 21:13
Broke our Gravity Forms integration as well 😞 API errors returned; Lifecycle stage provided were not valid; ( [status] => 400 ) ...Leia mais
Dadams on Agosto 28, 2023
Node.js v14 reached end of life on April 30th 2023. To make sure HubSpot systems stay up to date on security and reliability, we will be ending support for Node.js v14 on November 27 2023 . After this date, any existing functions using v14 will c Leia mais
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Solução Aceita
Orientador(a) | Parceiro
Agosto 29, 2023 09:39
I was just doing research on code snippets in chatflows. It seems the only supported option is node v14 there. I havent started any development, but ...Leia mais
Dadams on Junho 29, 2023
We're adding additional rate limit protection to our Forms Submissions APIs. This new rate limit would only apply after the current standard rate limits are reached. What's changing? Form submissions to our authenticated submission endpoi Leia mais
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Dadams on Abril 18, 2023
Note: This post has been updated to reflect an updated sunset date of August 31 . The original date for this was July 28. We are sunsetting the Calendar API . Beginning on August 31 , the API will no longer function, and data from the Leia mais
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2 Respostas
Equipe de Produto da HubSpot
Julho 20, 2023 09:19
Hi @gogrow_dev - thanks for reaching out. With the sunset of the Calendar API, there will not be any replacement public API available to complete t...Leia mais
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