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Update: Legacy CTA Sunset

Based on community feedback, we have updated our approach to transitioning from Legacy CTAs to the new CTA editor in HubSpot. In Q4 2024, new CTAs cannot be created by the Legacy CTA editor.

Below are more details explaining the plan and changes to be expected for this sunset.


What's changing?


  • Continued Support for Existing Legacy CTAs

Previously, we intended to sunset existing Legacy CTAs with the Legacy CTA editor. However, sunsetting existing Legacy CTAs has been postponed indefinitely. This means there are no current requirements for migrating Legacy CTAs to the new CTA editor. Customers can maintain their existing Legacy CTAs after Q4 2024.
Any existing Legacy CTAs created with the Legacy CTA editor will remain active with their associated analytics after sunset.


  • Removal of Legacy CTA Migration Option

Previously, we provided customers with an option to migrate their Legacy CTAs to the new CTA editor. However, the option to migrate Legacy CTAs has been removed and is no longer required.


When is it happening?


The sunset of the Legacy CTA editor remains scheduled for Q4 2024, as previously announced. Following the sunset, the Legacy CTA editor will no longer support the creation of new CTAs. All new CTAs must be created using the new CTA tool after sunset. We are committed to ensuring core feature parity between the Legacy CTA and the new CTA editors. This includes adding features such as A/B Testing and Smart CTAs before the retirement of the Legacy CTA tool.


Questions or concerns? Please contact your CSM (Customer Success Manager) or join other HubSpot developers in our peer-to-peer developer community to discuss CTA concerns and best practices.

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Update: Legacy CTA Sunset

Thank you for the update! Seconding the above.


Update: Legacy CTA Sunset

Hii @hseligson 

Thank you very much for the update on the transition from Legacy CTAs to the new CTA editor in HubSpot!


It's great to know that we won't have to migrate our CTAs in a rush.


Keeping support for CTAs created with the Legacy editor is excellent news, as we can continue using our current strategies and analytics without interruptions. Being able to maintain these CTAs beyond Q4 2024 without having to migrate them removes a major concern and gives us more time to adapt to the new tools.


It's also good to know that essential features like A/B testing and Smart CTAs will be added to the new editor before the Legacy editor is retired. This ensures we can fully leverage the new capabilities without losing important functionalities.


Thanks again for this important update!