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HubSpot Product Team

Upcoming: Sunsetting the obsolete Reporting scopes group

Beginning on February 1st, 2023, the reportsscope will no longer be a selectable scope option.  Apps that are currently requesting this scope will have this scope automatically removed from the app configuration.  


Why is HubSpot making these changes?

We are deprecating the reports scope group, because it is functionally obsolete and causing developer confusion.

There will be no impact to the API requests because the only API associated with this scope was deprecated in 2018. However, please double check your app’s code and remove any references to the reports scope. 

If you’re looking to connect reporting data, consider using these APIs instead:

  • The Analytics API allows you to access data from some of HubSpot's most impactful reports about how your marketing is influencing lead generation
  • The Web Analytics API, which is currently in beta, gives you access to the raw events that track how visitors navigate your website and can be sent to business intelligence for powerful modeling
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