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Upcoming: Ecommerce Bridge and Accounting Extension sunsets

What's changing?


Our Ecommerce Bridge and Accounting Extension APIs are being sunset on December 1st, 2022.


What this means for developers


With the sunset of these APIs, integrations will need to be updated to work with our other existing APIs. Integrations should use the CRM v3 APIs to create, update, and associate CRM records. You may also need to implement your own retry system to match the retry logic built into the Ecommerce Bridge or Accounting Extension.


You can find more details in the Ecommerce Bridge migration guide or the Accounting Extension migration guide.


Reminder: If your integration uses a HubSpot API key, you will need to update to use a Private App token instead.


Why the change?


The HubSpot platform has changed drastically since the release of these APIs, and they no longer match the features that we now have with our newer CRM v3 APIs.


When is this change happening?


Effective today, July 14, 2022, no new integrations will be able to access either the Ecommerce Bridge or Accounting Extension APIs. For the Ecommerce Bridge, this will include integrations built as a public app using OAuth 2.0 and set up using a developer API key, as well as integrations built for a single HubSpot account using an API key.


Existing integrations will continue to work as expected until December 1st, 2022. Integrations must be updated to use other APIs before these APIs are shut down on that date. Any requests made to any of these APIs will result in an error. Please see the Ecommerce Bridge migration guide and the Accounting Extension migration guide for more details on updating your existing integration.


Please let us know if you have any questions by replying below.

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