Upcoming: Customized lifecycle stages for contacts and companies

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Beginning on February 1, 2022, users will be able to customize the lifecycle stages for their contacts and companies.


What's changing?

The lifecycle stage (lifecyclestage) property currently uses a set of options that cannot be modified by the users, meaning that the same 8 options are used for the property across all HubSpot accounts.


After this change, the same 8 options will be the default for the property, but users will be able to add new custom stages, or remove any of the default stages.


If your integration uses preset values for the lifecyclestage property, you will need to update your integration to use the CRM Properties API to get the details of the property.


When is this happening?

This change will be live for all customers beginning on February 1, 2022.


Please see the beta documentation for more details on customizing the lifecycle stage.


Please let us know if you have any questions by replying below.

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This is good news! Three questions:


1. Lead and Subscriber are default HubSpot lifecycle stages and can't be deleted, but will it be possible to add another lifecyle stage prior to Subscriber?


2. Will custom lifecycle stages also get their respective default associated properties such as "became a .... date" and so on?


3. Will you be able to use the custom lifecycle stages in funnel reporting? (says custom reports, but doesn't say specifically so just double-checking)


PS: Does this update open the possibility for multiple lifecycles stage logics in the future? (e.g. being a customer of one product but a lead in another?)


Best regards,

Participant | Platinum Partner

Cool! We have several clients that would be pleased to hear this. 🙂