Reminder: New Rate Limits for the Existing Form Submission Endpoints will be introduced on July 13th

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This is a reminder  for our developer community that to improve HubSpot’s platform security and performance we are introducing new rate limits for the existing Forms API submission endpoints (v2 & v3) on July 13th 2021. The new rate limit will be 50 requests per 10 seconds and you can read the full details of the announcement here.

A recap on what this means for developers:


  • If your application is currently using the unauthenticated (v2 or v3) Form Submission endpoints and it requires more than the proposed 50 requests per 10 seconds rate limit, we recommend migrating to the new authenticated submission endpoints (v2 & v3)

    • Free/Starter accounts: 100 requests/10 seconds
    • Professional/Enterprise accounts: 150 requests/10 seconds
    • Accounts with the API Add On: 200 requests/10 seconds

  • If your application is using the Form Submission endpoints to record events like user logins on a SaaS product or regularly sync large amounts of data, both of which are not the intended use cases for the Forms Submission endpoint, we recommend migrating to the following endpoints instead:

Use Case

Regular data syncing CRM Imports API

Doc: CRM API | Imports


CRM Batch Update API

Doc: CRM API | Contacts 

Recording events (like logins)  

Tracking Code API


Knowledge Base Article : Create custom events

Note: This is a Marketing Hub Enterprise only feature.


Please let us know if you have any feedback questions or by replying below.

Rahmona Henry

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