Now available: HubDB Row & CRM Object fields

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We’ve added two new field types developers can use in modules to give content creators the ability to choose rows from HubDB, or object instances in CRM objects.


What’s happening?

We're adding a HubDB row field type, and a CRM object field type. You can use these fields with repeaters and for loops in order to create customized/featured listings, tables, and more. This can be helpful for situations where you don't want to display or query every single row or CRM object instance.


HubDB row field

The new HuDB Row field has been added to our field types available for use in custom modules. This field enables developers to select a HubDB Table in which content editors can then select a row from the table to display on a page. 


Learn more about the HubDB row field.


CRM object field

The CRM object field has been added to our field types available for use in custom modules. This field gives content creators the ability to select a specific object instance within a developer selected CRM object type.


Learn more about the CRM object field.

Learn more about using custom objects in the CMS.


When is this happening?

These two fields are available today!


Find out more about the new fields on our developer documentation.

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