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New versions of default CMS Site Search Input and Search Results modules

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CMS Hub has default modules that can be used when building pages and templates in the CMS. New accounts created after January 10th will have an updated version of two of these modules, Search Input, and Search Results. Existing accounts created before January 10th will be unaffected.


Updating modules that are live on customer sites is extremely difficult to do safely because developer code may rely on it to work a certain way. To prevent issues with existing sites and still be able to update this modules we are first rolling this out to only new accounts.

The new versions of search input and search results are easier to use, and provide more configuration options and flexibility. Users have the power to add search results anywhere on their website, and when they do, they have many more options to make their search fit the look at feel of their brand by customizing all aspects of their search, like button color and placement, pagination of search results, and the way search results display.

Content creators can add the search input module to a page and use the module controls to configure the style and contents of the search. To send your visitors to a customized search results page, content creators can add the search results module to a page, then return to the search input module and select the page on which the search results module appears.

What about Marketplace themes and company boilerplates built based on the old version?

Since you may have had code dependent on a specific version of the module, you can use a HubL function for detecting the current version of a module that an account has. Using that you can write HubL if statements in case your code needs to be different based on the version the account ha....

We're also providing documentation showing the changes between the versions of the module.

What about accounts older than January 10th, 2023?

Accounts made before January 10th will have the old version of the module. If you're eager to use the newer version you can download a copy of the new version of the module using the HubSpot CLI.
After connecting to your HubSpot account run the following commands to download the files:

hs fetch @hubspot/search_input.module --assetVersion=1 hs fetch @hubspot/search_results.module --assetVersion=1

This is the second time we've released a major version of some default modules. We'd love to hear your feedback.

Jon McLaren

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New versions of default CMS Site Search Input and Search Results modules

Very cool. Looking forward to checking it out!

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