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New Recordings & Transcripts API replaces hs_call_recording_url for call engagements

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We're releasing a new Recordings & Transcripts API for securely sending call recordings to HubSpot using an authenticated URL. The new API replaces the hs_call_recording_url property for call engagements.


What's changing?

The new API enables you to send call recordings using authenticated URLs and even mark a call recording as ready for transcription. The hs_call_recording_url property in call engagements did not support this. We encourage all integrators sending recordings using the Engagements API to switch over to the new Recordings & Transcripts API as soon as possible.

When is it happening?

The Recordings & Transcripts API is available now. The ability to send recordings and transcribe them via the Engagements API with the hs_call_recording_url property will sunset on September 30, 2024.

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