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List Filters Are Changing Formats But Will Be Backwards Compatible

What’s Happening

The JSON format of filters returned by the Lists API will begin to look different. When creating or updating lists, you can still send filters as they are currently documented and we’ll translate them to the new format for you.  When filters need to look different, the `filters` field will not be in the response and the information you need will be a new field called `ilsFilters`


Why is this happening?

HubSpot is upgrading the filtering capabilities of our Lists tool to better support some features we have planned for the future. This required filters to be formatted a little differently.  We added the ability for these to be backwards compatible after listening to you about how the API is currently used.


You can see a full list of the new filter formats on the List Overview documentation.


This change will take place on July 26th


If you have any questions, please join the conversation here.

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List Filters Are Changing Formats But Will Be Backwards Compatible

Good day,


I am trying to update the filters of a dynamic list using the filters API. According to the documentation, I need to add filters to the existing filters if I want to add extra filters. To get the current filters I first get the list from the API using the list id. 

My problem is that the list format that is returned is changed. The filters field is an empty array and the format in the ilsBranchFilters is a different format. When I try to specify the ilsBranchFilters as the filters field in the update request to update the list I get a 400 error.

This is a problem even when I want to change only the name of the list without erasing all existing filters.


How can I update a list without erasing all filters given the fact that the format of the filters field has change in the request to get the existing list?