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Last Chance: Power Up CMS Hub with Operations Hub

Hello there!


This Thursday, HubSpot Solutions Engineer Jack Coldrick and Emily Wingrove, VP at Aptitude 8 are holding an exclusive workshop!

They'll be diving into CMS Hub and how you can use Operations Hub to make your website and its automation even more customizable. They'll talk and demo use cases like:

  • Leveraging HubDB to personalize auto-emails. For example, when a prospect converts, they'll only receive emails with info that is about the product/service they selected. 
  • Enabling the HubSpot ChatBot to query HubSpot or 3rd party apps through custom code actions. For instance, to provide updates on order delivery, or check a booking system.

This is your last chance to sign up and add the event to your calendar!


Save your seat! 

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