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(In Beta) The hs_event_status is being removed from the Marketing Events API.

The hs_event_status property is being removed from marketing events, and will no longer be available via the Marketing Events API.


The calculation that sets the value for this field often results in inaccurate values, and could not be relied on. As a result, this field is being removed. If you're currently using this field, you'll need to manually calculate the status based on the start date of the event.


Please note that the "About" card of the event will still show the correct status when viewed in HubSpot.


When is this happening?

This field is being removed by the end of today, December 8. After this, the field will no longer be available for any marketing events. Please remember that the Marketing Events API is still in beta and still under active development.


Please let us know if you have any questions by replying below.


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