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HubSpot Academy — Developing Scalable HubSpot Solutions

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Developers, a new course is now live on HubSpot Academy — Developing Scalable HubSpot Solutions 💻🎓

In this course, you’ll build the foundational skills needed to create scalable development projects of all types. Learn how to strategically plan out a development project for maximum success. 


You’ll be given tips and best practices for setting up your development environment, and you’ll work with Git and GitHub for better version control and collaboration. 


Next, you’ll learn more about data management and how to use HubSpot as part of it


Then, you’ll learn how to create your testing sandbox and how to test before deploying your code to production. 


Finally, you’ll be taught how to attract, engage, and delight your customers post-launch with customer satisfaction surveys, self-service documentation, and ongoing updates. 


Take your development skills to the next level 🚀

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