Filters will no longer be returned from the Lists API

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UPDATE: After hearing feedback from you, our community of developers, there were some use cases we hadn’t taken into account. In order to make sure we can thoughtfully consider our approach to the List filter migration we are going to pause the change to remove the filters for the time being. We will update this thread again when we have more information. Please feel free to continue to add use cases and ask questions.


What’s happening?

When getting Lists via the API, you will no longer be able to get the filters that populated that list. Instead you will see an empty array in the filters field. This does not affect your ability to create new lists and define filters then.


Why is this happening?

In order to support an upcoming migration we need to translate filters between the old system and new system. While the system keeps all the functionality of the old system, while adding more, not all filters can be translated back into the old ones.


When is this happening?

This change will go live in 2 weeks on August 3rd. The date of this change is now undecided per the update above.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to join the conversation here.

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Hey there,


The "Get Workflow" API response ( also returns if/then filter criteria. The thread below details a use case we have for those filters (+ an investigation you guys performed when the filter criteria stopped coming through):


Will this change impact the "Get Workflow" API response? Thanks!

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Hey @Tim_Munro ,


Yes this would have affected Workflows. As you may have seen by now in my edited post, we decided to press pause on this rollout until we can figure a plan that takes your use case into account.  I really appreciate you taking to time to let us know about how this rollout might have affected you. 


I'll keep this thread up to date as we figure things out. 



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Much appreciated Zack.