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Digest: Calendar task limits and date format addition in CRM Imports

This changelog digest has two updates, limiting how many calendar tasks can be created and adding a new format for dates when importing crm records. 


Creating calendar tasks will be limited to 10,000 tasks per 24 hour period


Starting today, there is a limit of 10,000 tasks that can be created over a 24 hour period per HubSpot account for the Calendar API. This limit is in addition to the standard API rate limits.


The limit is applied across all integrations connected to the account. See the documentation for details.


Specify Date format for CRM Imports API


The CRM Imports API now allows you to specify how it should interpret the dates that are in the uploaded files. This will save you the trouble of converting dates before uploading to HubSpot. You can specify one date format per file.


The original date format (MONTH_DAY_YEAR) will continue to be the default, so you can continue to use the same format in your imported files without making any changes. You'll only need to include the new `dateFormat` field if you want to use a different format.


This feature is now live for all imports. 


If you have any questions about these changes please join the discussion here

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