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HubSpot Product Team

Developer test accounts and standard sandboxes have a new daily limit for contact enrollment in work

What’s Changing?

We’re implementing a daily record enrollment limit for workflows in developer test accounts and sandboxes. Starting November 1, you’ll be able to enroll up to 100,000 records per account, per day. Before this change, you could enroll an unlimited number of records across accounts.   


What happens when you reach the limit?


Any successful record enrollment from any source (API, manual, automatic, etc.) will count toward your portal’s total enrollment count. Once you reach the daily enrollment limit, you’ll be unable to enroll any additional records in a workflow. 


HubSpot will also stop processing further enrollments, meaning any additional records will not be automatically enrolled at a later date. You’ll receive an in-app notification that the daily enrollment limit has been reached and when the limit will be refreshed.

For more information on limits, refer to HubSpot’s Pricing and Services catalog.

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