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Deprecating CAPTCHA for the v2 form submissions endpoint

Form submissions made using the Forms API that include a CAPTCHA token will return an error starting on September 13.


What's changing?

While the v2 form submissions endpoint has never supported the CAPTCHA feature, it was possible to use that feature with the proper reCAPTCHA token. We're making changes to our implementation of CAPTCHA, so going forward these submissions will result in an error.

Any forms currently using this feature will need to disable the CAPTCHA option for the form, and any spam protection would need to be implemented in the system processing the form before the data is sent to HubSpot.

Please note that this only affects submissions made through the v2 Forms API. This change will not affect HubSpot forms using the embed code.


When is this happening?

This change will happen on September 13. After this, any form submission to the v2 API that includes a token will result in an error and the submission will not be accepted.

Please let us know if you have any questions by replying below.

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