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Defaulting hs_timestamp to Meeting Start Time in Meetings Engagement API

In our continuous effort to enhance the usability and accuracy of the Meetings Engagement API, we're introducing a change to handling the hs_timestamp property for MEETING_EVENT objects starting November 12, 2024. This update aims to improve the relevance of event data for users and systems integrating with our API.


What does this mean for developers?

Previously, when a MEETING_EVENT object was created via the API without a specified hs_timestamp, the system defaulted this timestamp to the creation time of the event. With this update, the absence of an hs_timestamp will now trigger the system to automatically default to the hs_meeting_start_time as the event's timestamp.


Affected Objects: This change affects MEETING_EVENT objects created via the Meetings Engagement API.
Default Behavior: If hs_timestamp is not included in the API request to create a MEETING_EVENT, the system will automatically use the hs_meeting_start_time as the hs_timestamp.
Backward Compatibility: Existing MEETING_EVENT objects or integrations that rely on the creation time as the hs_timestamp should be reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure compatibility with this change.


To accommodate this change, developers and administrators should review the current integrations and workflows interacting with the Meetings Engagement API.


Impact and use case

This change addresses the need for a more accurate representation of meeting events within HubSpot. By defaulting the hs_timestamp to the meeting's scheduled start time when not explicitly provided, the timestamp will now reflect a more meaningful point of reference related to the actual meeting event. This modification is particularly beneficial for scenarios where the creation time of the MEETING_EVENT object in the system does not align with the intended start time of the meeting itself.

Enhanced Accuracy: Ensures that the hs_timestamp more accurately reflects the timing of the meeting, which is crucial for scheduling, reporting, and analytics purposes.
Streamlined Integration: Simplifies the process for systems and users integrating with the Meetings Engagement API by reducing the need to explicitly set the hs_timestamp for every meeting creation request, assuming the start time is the intended default.


Questions or comments? Join us below in the community developer forums for peer-to-peer discussion.

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