CMS Modules now allow further nesting & Media Bridge API now in public beta

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We've added an additional level of depth to module field nesting. We are also excited to announce our new Media Bridge API, now in public beta.


What is the Media Bridge API?

The Media Bridge API provides a way for integrators to push media and media consumption data into HubSpot. It also facilitates creating a set of out-of-box media features for HubSpot users. These features include: 

  • Module components that make it easy for customers to embed the media in HubSpot’s drag and drop editors, such as in pages and email.
  • CRM timeline events that show when prospects or customers have engaged with videos, audio, and other media types. 
  • Lists that can be generated to create targeted, personalized experiences.
  • Workflows to automate interactions, based on media consumption events.
  • Reporting to gain insight into how contacts and companies engage with media and measure the ROI of media assets.

In summary, Media Bridge makes it easy for marketers to embed media into their HubSpot content, and provides standard HubSpot objects for you to provide analytics on how contacts are interacting with that media content directly in their CRM. From there they can create lists and workflows to power their flywheel in a way not previously possible. 

This functionality is in public beta right now; We're eager to hear your feedback.

Read the Media Bridge API documentation.

What exactly changed with Module fields?

Custom module field groups enable you to group related fields to provide an easier experience for content creators.

Back in 2020 we increased how far you could nest fields in modules from 3 to 4 levels of depth. We have increased this again to 5 levels. This means you can place a module field within 4 levels of field groups. This is useful for creating UI for modules that may have a lot of different kinds of options available to them. Additionally, this change paves the way for future functionality. Subscribe to the Developer Changelog to stay up-to-date.

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