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Announcing the new Feedback Submissions API

Today we’re pleased to announce the public beta of our new Feedback Submissions API. With this API, you’ll be able to get information about existing responses to HubSpot surveys. The API does not currently support creating new feedback submission instances.


As always with beta endpoints, the exact specifications may change at any time, so don’t use this for production integrations yet. We’ll update the changelog when this API goes to General Availability and is ready for production.


Please let us know if you have any questions in here the forum thread.

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Announcing the new Feedback Submissions API

Hi @mwelch,

I am a beginner and just started working on API integrations. I got a task to work on Hubspot API.  I checked the Hubspot API reference documentation. It was very helpful. I was able to access almost all endpoints, however when I try to work on Feedback_submissions :


I am getting following error : 

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'hubspot.crm.feedback_submissions'


I have imported all the modules shown on the  API reference documentation for this "Feedback_submissions" API endpoint. My code is as follows : 


!pip install --upgrade hubspot-api-client
import hubspot
from pprint import pprint
from hubspot.crm.feedback_submissions import ApiException


client = hubspot.Client.create(api_key="hapikey")


     api_response = client.crm.feedback_submissions.basic_api.get_page(limit=10, archived=False)
except ApiException as e:
     print("Exception when calling basic_api->get_page: %s\n" % e)


Could you please help ?