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MarcosBarcelos 3月 16日, 2024
Recently I posted about the 6 pillars of revenue and I would like to share them with you.   📖 Book Reading the book " Revenue Operations A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth " by Step 続きを読む
最優秀メンバー | Elite Partner
3月 16日, 2024 17:08
Thank you for sharing @MarcosBarcelos 🙌
MarcosBarcelos 11月 13日, 2023
Post Mortem – Affiliate Marketing 💡 - Creativity amid new strategies, here I write about how important it is to rest. The idea came to me right after I got off the computer, took a shower, and had a coffee. 🤔 - The reality is that be 続きを読む
最優秀メンバー | Elite Partner
1月 26日, 2024 11:36
Awesome, thanks @MarcosBarcelos this is super helpful!
MarcosBarcelos 10月 22日, 2023
RevOps: Resilience in goals Introduction RevOps professionals constantly find themselves involved in demands that have never been developed before. How to predict and give a deadline for these demands, and why shouldn't we 続きを読む
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最優秀メンバー | Elite Partner
10月 26日, 2023 08:46
Interesting exercise @MarcosBarcelos . It seems RevOps folks are quickly becoming the "can't you just do this new thing with this new technology no ...続きを読む
SComeau 10月 17日, 2023
Hello, I am a RevOps Manager and have been tasked with reaserching different software to enhance our TechStack. I would ultimately love a software to provide "Insight" to our data in HubSpot using Revenue Goals and Activities. Does something like t 続きを読む
8 いいね!
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最優秀メンバー | Elite Partner
10月 18日, 2023 10:17
Hi @SComeau ! I've heard of a few solutions for helping with HubSpot analytics. But a question first - is this something you can build with HubSpot ...続きを読む
DAlmDelia 4月 18日, 2023
Hello, I'm having a problem understanding the situations in force and friction in companies situations, good functions, and bad frictions. I still don't understand why, please help me understand the situation. For example, if the company wants to ad 続きを読む
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5月 16日, 2023 22:14
Yes, thank you. I FULLY understand. Put myself as the customer as force or fiction, bad friction or good friction. Force is like upselling and good fr...続きを読む
chris_remotish 4月 11日, 2023
Got a question I want to pose for anyone who would want to share some thoughts. But some context first. Lifecycle Stages. HubSpot has its default ones . Other places on the internet have thousands of different variations that essentially say 続きを読む
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最優秀メンバー | Elite Partner
4月 12日, 2023 15:57
"...solving for the customer." BOOM.
DougS 3月 19日, 2023
Supposing you were charged with implementing HubSpot CRM and aligning it with the current sales proceses of a given organization. They have a mish-mash of CRM's and silos for different teams. What's the recipe book look like for a 30-60-90 Day Plan 続きを読む
最優秀メンバー | Elite Partner
4月 01日, 2023 12:16
Hi @DougS creating a solid 30-60-90 day plan is a big undertaking, I think you're definitely asking the right questions. While I don't have a full ...続きを読む
vineemchi 11月 14日, 2022
Hello Guys, My name is Ebubechi and I would like to ask for resources to help me get started with the basic Rev Ops skills. I am eager and excited to learn. Thank you.
2 いいね!
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投稿者 | Diamond Partner
1月 18日, 2023 14:31
Hey there Ebubechi! I'm sorry for being so late to respond but I wanted to do my best to try and provide some resources for you as well outside of al...続きを読む
jspencerdav 3月 14日, 2022
Workflows is arguably the most powerful feature in HubSpot. Regardless of skill level in HubSpot, users create workflows to automate valuable work. However, without good documentation, workflows quickly become a black hole of confusion and was 続きを読む
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投稿者 | Diamond Partner
3月 23日, 2023 12:00
Fully with you @Juliaaa , after experimenting with documenting in Miro, ClickUp, Google Docs and so on the only methodology that has proven to be ro...続きを読む


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