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RevOps and the Six Pillars of Revenue

Recently I posted about the 6 pillars of revenue and I would like to share them with you. 

📖 Book


Reading the book "Revenue Operations A New Way to Align Sales & Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth" by Stephen Diorio and Chris K. Hummel. I bring here the definition of the 6 pillars for revenue growth: Commercial leadership, commercial architecture, commercial insights, commercial asset management, commercial enablement, and commercial operations.



💡 The Insight


I can link almost all of these pillars with revOps activities. However, the pillar that is ours actively is commercial operations and commercial insights.


🏊‍♀️ Deep Diving


Last month I was doing the RevOps bootcamp (taught by Jen Bergren), where I with my classmates from different parts of the world realized that the problems are the same and this experience was amazing one of the conclusions about it is how the revenue team grow so faster than without the revOps. We are the bridge, the person who can understand the revenue and the tech area.


👨‍🎓 RevOps


So it makes sense we can help so many pillars, we are the translator, but not only that. We can understand, and develop the revenue  necessities, analyze data, and find bottlenecks.


I think you must hire a RevOps Team.

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RevOps and the Six Pillars of Revenue

Thank you for sharing @MarcosBarcelos 🙌


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