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[JUL 26-28] RevOps with HubSpot Summer School

RevOps with HubSpot
Summer School

Enroll now until July 25 at 9 AM (EDT)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3


About the event

For the first time ever, HubSpot Community and RevPartners are organizing a free educational program on the fundamentals of Revenue Operations applied to the HubSpot CRM platform.


The program spans three days (Tue-Wed-Thu) and will take place every morning from 9 AM to 12 PM (EDT). In total, there will be five interactive classes dedicated to the key processes of collecting, synthesizing, and disseminating data inside HubSpot CRM.


Before the start of the Summer School, you'll receive an exclusive Workbook to help you apply the learnings of the program to your own professional situation. The workbook is also key as it includes your Day 2 and Day 3 assignments.


In order to be celebrated as an official graduate of the program and to receive the official Proof of Completion, we will require the following:

  • you submitted the two workbook assignments, and
  • you participated and passed the exam on Thursday.

Tuesday - Thursday, Jul 26 - 28
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)


  DAY 1 (July 26) DAY 2 (July 27) DAY 3 (July 28)
9:00 AM (EDT) Introductions Recap Day 1 Recap Day 2
9:30 AM (EDT) Lesson 1 Lesson 3 Lesson 5
10:30 AM (EDT) Break Break Break
11:00 AM (EDT) Lesson 2 Lesson 4 Quiz + Outro






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[JUL 26-28] RevOps with HubSpot Summer School

Gutted I missed this! Hope there's another one in the future.


[JUL 26-28] RevOps with HubSpot Summer School

Great solution for those who seek learning and new begginings on understanding ways to acomplish gaining. There's always more to add involving knowledgeable growth. The step is simple Enroll, It literally takes a minute to sign up to these amazing free of charge summer school event brought to every single one of us by nothing but the best HubSpot. In which I'm grateful to be part of such innovative community always willing to teach the latest and most reliable method for us to concord success.