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I am creating a bunch of productivity reports and one thing I am struggling with is the consolidation of activities per company name. E.g. if I want to see how many new opportunities my team has created in the past, for example, 7 days, I can build a custom report on a cross data set for contacts and activities, but it will measure by count of ALL activities to contacts created within the specified period and not by count of company names. I want to just see the count of new prospects added.


As an illustration, I might see that the team has had 50 activities in the past 7 days, but only with 5 new prospects as they might be sending and receiving emails from those same contacts. So, how can I just get the count of new company names added in the past 7 days?



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I also have the same issue with reporting on Contact activities and would like to know the count of customers, so we need an option to remove duplicates on a report


This is a super-needed feature, as we have a lot of deals, and exporting it to Excel, etc. It is so tedious especially when you need data from different sources and filtres at that current moment 🙏 please do it in HubSpot 


I had the same issue and solved it with custom properties and a workflow.

We for instance wanted to count "number of first meetings" with a company.


I created a custom company property "date of first meeting booked".


Then a workflow that triggers on "activity meeting booked" - but only if the company property is "unknown".

That way you can run your report based on the property and only count each company once.


We run several variations of that setup.

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Hey @matthiasmunich 


This is a really good question. Could you please confirm which subscription you have? (Free, Starter, Pro, etc) With this information, it would be helpful to give you the best option.


I want to share with you these two articles from our Academy that might be helpful: 

Create custom reports

Creating Custom Reports in HubSpot


I will tag two of our Top Contributors who have experience with Sales Hub.


Hey @Carly_Farlow  and @Krystina do you have any tips or ideas to share with Matthias? 


Thank you 




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I, unfortunately, don't have a solution for this. I would definitely suggest starting with a custom report. However, I don't know that you can filter to have one activity account per contact/account. Maybe export and remove duplicates?

Would love to hear if you find a solution! 


Hi Carly, you can measure by Contacts, instead of Activities, which gives you a better indicator, but if you put 5 people in copy and they are all associated with a company, you get a higher score as well. I don't see another solution for the moment.


I'm needing to do this exact same thing, and struggling to find a way to do it. Would love if there are any updates here. 


Hi Sharon,


thank you for your response. I have the Sales Hub Pro and the Reporting Add-on subscription.


I'll take a look at the two articles you shared and would definitely welcome further assistance and guidance.