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I am creating a bunch of productivity reports and one thing I am struggling with is the consolidation of activities per company name. E.g. if I want to see how many new opportunities my team has created in the past, for example, 7 days, I can build a custom report on a cross data set for contacts and activities, but it will measure by count of ALL activities to contacts created within the specified period and not by count of company names. I want to just see the count of new prospects added.


As an illustration, I might see that the team has had 50 activities in the past 7 days, but only with 5 new prospects as they might be sending and receiving emails from those same contacts. So, how can I just get the count of new company names added in the past 7 days?



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Hey @matthiasmunich 


This is a really good question. Could you please confirm which subscription you have? (Free, Starter, Pro, etc) With this information, it would be helpful to give you the best option.


I want to share with you these two articles from our Academy that might be helpful: 

Create custom reports

Creating Custom Reports in HubSpot


I will tag two of our Top Contributors who have experience with Sales Hub.


Hey @Carly_Farlow  and @Krystina do you have any tips or ideas to share with Matthias? 


Thank you 




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Hi Sharon,


thank you for your response. I have the Sales Hub Pro and the Reporting Add-on subscription.


I'll take a look at the two articles you shared and would definitely welcome further assistance and guidance.




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I, unfortunately, don't have a solution for this. I would definitely suggest starting with a custom report. However, I don't know that you can filter to have one activity account per contact/account. Maybe export and remove duplicates?

Would love to hear if you find a solution! 

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Hi Carly, you can measure by Contacts, instead of Activities, which gives you a better indicator, but if you put 5 people in copy and they are all associated with a company, you get a higher score as well. I don't see another solution for the moment.