how do I only show personal dashboards instead of overall to my team?

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Hello! I hope you can help.

I am really keen for sales agents to focus on their individual dashboards as opposed to viewing the entire dashboard (with activity from all of our agents). Is there a way we can do this using the free version? 

I want them to have access to their contacts only and monitor and measure their progress as they move it across the sales pipeline as opposed to seeing where everybody else is and how many deals other people have across the sales pipeline. Can you help?

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Hi @milanamin, welcome to the community. At this time, the CRM doesn't support the ability to customize the default CRM dashboard by user, but you can create addtional dashboards if you have our reporting-add on. You can find more information on this post:


Or, you can add a vote and a comment to this idea on our fourm so that our developers have an opportunity to see your thoughts as they make improvements to our platforms.

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I would also like this feature. It would be beneficial for each member to see what they've been doing, and to also export a report of this data.

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Hey @milanamin -


You should check out Sales Rep Scorecards for HubSpot.  This is a HubSpot Connect app, that creates personalized scorecards for each of your reps to allow them see


  • How they're trending over time
  • How they compare against goals
  • How they're doing against benchmarks of performance by the rest of the team
  • And other, more tactical data like
    • Pipeline and forecast
    • Accounts they own
    • Leads they own


Let me know if you'd like to learn more!