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RBessa on December 08, 2022
Olá, O gráfico de data de fechamento no painel está apresentando os dados da data de criação.
0 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
December 08, 2022 08:41
Olá @RBessa , O filtro de data do relatório não tem necessariamente de ser a propriedade da data que é utilizada para o eixo x num relatório. ...read more
BBuckwalter1 on December 07, 2022
I'm looking to use personalization tokens to inject values from my HubSpot database, like email, first name, last name, into a URL. Could you guide me in the right direction?
0 upvote
3 Replies
Hall of Famer | Partner
December 07, 2022 12:35
Thanks! This is explained in detail here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/forms/can-i-auto-populate-form-fields-through-a-query-string Best reg...read more
SSlot on December 07, 2022
How can we use the deal cards also in custom reports/dashboards? We like the deals dashboard view with deal cards as it allows for quick views on what deals divided per stage in the pipeline, but also want to make other divisions. As an example we w read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
December 07, 2022 01:59
Hi @SSlot , Deal cards are not supported in HubSpot support. You could request from the product team that they add a visualization type in cus...read more
AAngelopoulos on December 07, 2022
Hello, I am trying to make a dashboard without success, thought I'd give this place a shot. My goal is to have a general view of our pipeline and compare it week over week. I am not interested in what came in the pipeline for this chart. Wh read more
0 upvote
6 Replies
December 07, 2022 08:01
Thanks for sharing the policy, I will change my communication towards sharing solution and less about generating lead. In today's case, exporting dat...read more
NGutgsell on December 06, 2022
Hi HubSpot Community, is there any chance to get weighted Historical snapshots per deal Probability / deal stage. It would be super to compare the growth of the different deal stages. Is there any workaround for something like this? B read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
December 06, 2022 11:56
Thanks for the tag @kvonloesecke There is a report titled 'Historical snapshots' under the sales analytics tools in Reports>Analytics Tools&g...read more
Cesapo on December 05, 2022
Hi, I would like to create a report with the number of companies presented by industry type. Either a report or just the count would do. I don't want to manually have to count this each time. Cheers Cesar
0 upvote
3 Replies
Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
December 05, 2022 06:17
The great thing about this, @Cesapo , is that when you have your settings set to auto create and associate Companies, HubSpot pushes data into the C...read more
GOBSER on December 05, 2022
Hi all, Sorry for my english that is not very good. I don't find how to monitor activities of our administrators. I need to know if they export data, import, and so on. Can you direct me ? Sincerely
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Guide | Platinum Partner
December 05, 2022 02:45
Hey @GOBSER , no worries at all, and thank you for reaching out to the community. It sounds like most of the information you're lookin...read more
ISiingh on December 04, 2022
Is it possible to filter 'Number of Open Deals' by specific product while creating a report in table format?
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Guide | Platinum Partner
December 05, 2022 01:38
Hey @ISiingh , that should be very possible. You can follow these steps here to get such a report. Please let me know how it goe...read more
SComeau on December 02, 2022
I LOVE the new Customer Journey reporting and it will solve many of our issues for where a lead came from and how long to convert. BUT... we need it to be longer than 30 days! 30 Days does not give us the data we need to find trends. Any idea when t read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
December 02, 2022 13:28
It's pretty legit new reporting isn't it @SComeau 😊 You may already know of the ideas forum , but I'd definitely put this feedback there...read more
kvonloesecke on December 02, 2022
Hey Community, Year-end of reporting can feel like cramming for finals if you aren’t prepared! Here are some tips to make your end-of-the-year reporting process stress-free: Keep your CRM organized throughout the yea read more
5 Replies
Community Manager
December 06, 2022 05:34
Thank you, friend @Jaycee_Lewis ! 🤗
SBedford on December 01, 2022
Hello, It would be great if I could forecast by MRR upsell so I can get an idea on our monthly upsell potential. Currently the forecasting tool shows the ARR for a defined closed/billed period. Has anyone found a way to do this? Thanks Sh read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
December 01, 2022 15:12
Hello @SBedford , thank you for posting in our Community! I was able to find a similar thread here about this matter. You will be able to fi...read more
JMeakin on December 01, 2022
Hi, I am looking to update our existing sales report via our Hubspot dashboard. We have different monthly revenue targets and I was wondering if these can be entered indiviudally instead of an average goal target per month based on the yearl read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
Recognized Expert | Elite Partner
December 02, 2022 12:55
In that case I would explore the custom report builder and use a pivot table. That may get you a more comprehensive look at your revenue targets. I d...read more
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