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rickgoz on May 23, 2024
Hi, The new prospecting workspace is great and I completly stoped using Lead Status now - however, it seems that we don't have the same level of analytics off the shelf than we use to have with Deal Analysis of Lifecycle Stage Analysis. Is t read more
0 upvote
0 Reply
LChandler2 on May 22, 2024
We are looking to create a donor retention rate report for our dashboard. Has anyone successfully done this and if so how did you set it up?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Top Contributor | Partner
May 22, 2024 09:18
Hi @LChandler2 , What do you define as a retention internally? This information will help me to suggest a solution for you. Thanks, ...read more
KNolte on May 21, 2024
Can a quick report be pulled for all unsubscribes for a sales team? I don't want marketing unsubscribes to affect the numbers. I specifically want to look at my team with the unsubscribe link in our emails for Outbound.
May 21, 2024 15:03
Hi Kris, Is there a specific type of "email type" for the sales people? If so, the inforamtion would be available in the filtered contact views where...read more
nvawh on May 21, 2024
Our dashboard has a few charts that show things like contacts per location by month and more. We recently integrated and imported all of our contacts that we used to have in Pipedrive since we stopped using it and wanted to get them into Hubspo read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
May 21, 2024 13:33
Hey @nvawh You can add a dimension to your report with the property Original Source Drill-down 1 or Record Source set to = Integration Thi...read more
rickgoz on May 21, 2024
Hi, I have two types of meetings—exploratory meetings and demo meetings—both linked to a Company Lead Status. I am trying to determine: The conversion rate from exploratory meetings to demo meetings. The lead time between these two types read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Guide | Elite Partner
May 23, 2024 10:18
Hey @RickG - Thanks @PamCotton ! The conversion rate formula can be inputted into a formula field within the Formula field in custom report bu...read more
rickgoz on May 21, 2024
Hi, do you have any idea why my Sales Content Analytics does not update even if I am using Templates ? Is there anything to do to make sure a template is logged in when sending 1-1 emails ? Thank you
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
May 21, 2024 17:06
Hey @rickgoz , thank you for posting in our Community! Firstly, ensure that your templates are set up correctly and associated with your acc...read more
LHolmberg7 on May 21, 2024
Hi, We have incoming MQLs that goes into our sales funnel. If they qualify, they move on to become a potential opportunity (SQL). I'm not sure I fully understand how it works. Have I understood it correctly by describing the picture like this: " read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Guide | Elite Partner
May 21, 2024 06:01
@LHolmberg7 - Looks to me you've built it out perfectly, just be mindful that there may be a date filter on your report (found just off your screen...read more
rickgoz on May 21, 2024
Hi, I am working on a chart to display the number of meetings per month. I need the chart to show the number of unique meetings per day per company, excluding instances where multiple contacts are present in the same meeting. Currently, my c read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
May 21, 2024 04:33
@rickgoz with the choice for contacts to be the primary data source, you're forcing HubSpot to count each contact. You would have to change so that...read more
rickgoz on May 21, 2024
Hi, I am using the sales content analytics tool but I would like to know how I can get the meeting booked rate in the table (like in the sequences table). Thank you, Richard
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Guide | Elite Partner
May 21, 2024 08:20
  @rickgoz - There is an OOTB report in the reporting library called 'Sequnce enrollment totals and engagement rates', which gives you the meetin...read more
JHagan on May 20, 2024
I wanna know if there's a way to look at my Teams events in a calendar view versus a report view. I've looked for solutions. I cannot find one. I do not have The marketing hub. Any suggestions?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
May 21, 2024 00:21
Hi @JHagan , When you say Teams events, are you referring to meetings on their personal calendar? Generally, HubSpot assumes that you're...read more
SHolding on May 19, 2024
Is there a way i can set up a report, where we can impliment our sales acivity point metric? i.e. each rep needs to hit a total of 40 points in a week, a successful meeting is 5 points and a call is one point. Is this something that can be s read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor
May 20, 2024 19:25
Hi @SHolding and thanks for the tag @BérangèreL Another alternative is by using the new HubSpot formula fields [BETA] for reports, you can...read more
ASpencer0 on May 17, 2024
Hello! I wanted to know what is the best way to track contacts created using the attribution report when you are using an integration. The user is using Appollo to send out outbound marketing emails and would like to find a way to track contacts cre read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
May 17, 2024 17:27
It depends on how you manage your data, but it's definitely doable. When we click on 'integrations,' we can see a further breakdown. Additionally, wi...read more
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