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FDeBiase on April 01, 2023
Hello everyone I'm Francesco... We have set the Fiscal Year on February-January according to our company. I suppose that on HubSpot, Dashboard will show all the graphs accordingly. But it still show Quarters starting on Jan-March... read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
April 01, 2023 15:57
Hi, thank you for your reply, but... I've already set it accordingly... But dashboard still show quarters starting Jan-March, April-June... etc. I...read more
pozitronic on March 31, 2023
Hi, Some of my contacts in HubSpot have the First Referring Site and First Page Seen as blank / empty. What could be prevent this from being populated? Any ideas? Perhaps a plugin?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor
April 01, 2023 09:43
Hi @pozitronic What is the original source, and original source drilldown 1 and 2 information for those contacts? Most likely those cont...read more
AMulagic on March 31, 2023
Hi, Would like to bring up a problem I´ve encountered yesterday. I´ve built a workflow that uses an active list to set custom property values as the list is being updated. Workflow enrollments show the exact number of contacts in the list, b read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
March 31, 2023 08:34
Hi @AMulagic In the report you are using count of contacts (is this from lists membership?) and the workflows uses enrollments (can a contac...read more
TLambert on March 31, 2023
Hello, I have a question about two hubspot reports, I think I am being daft but would appreciate knowing the reason. We have historically measured bookings per month (so Deals entering Closed Won & Job Number Created, both have probabili read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
March 31, 2023 06:23
Hey @TLambert , thanks for reaching out! HubSpot deal reporting can get a little tricky depending on which date property you're using. I...read more
MelikeSezer on March 31, 2023
It's always showing up in the format of "company name-new deal" how can we change this?
0 upvote
2 Replies
March 31, 2023 03:25
Hi @MelikeSezer , It is completely in our hands. From the above text, It seems that deals are created via any workflow, to change the name forma...read more
GHertsens on March 31, 2023
Hello, Is it possible to track over time how many quotes were created/sended out? For example I want to see how many quotes were created in the months of January, February & March individually. Thanky ou
0 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 31, 2023 02:17
Hi @GHertsens , Yes, this is possible. Navigateo to Menu > Reports > Reports > Create report > Custom report builder . Se...read more
NReid on March 30, 2023
It seems that the links to dashboard that are filtered using the new beta method are not static. You can literally watch the link change multiple times as you are viewing the dashboard. As a result we are unable to save specifc dashboard views.
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
March 30, 2023 13:45
Hello @NReid , thank you for posting in our Community! I wanted to check if you have a specific example, such as a screenshot of this behavior. T...read more
JvanBeeck on March 30, 2023
Why are some Deals white and others grey regardless of where they are in the pipeline and regardless of which Deal Stage?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 30, 2023 02:53
Hi @JvanBeeck , The grey cards are inactive deals. You can choose when a deal should be shown as inactive through the board / card settings: ...read more
LIsmailova on March 29, 2023
Hello everyone! Does anybody know how to sort all reports by creation date? I would also like to ask whether somebody knows where to find a creation date of a report.
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Participant | Platinum Partner
March 29, 2023 06:09
Hi @LIsmailova , unfortunately "create date" is not saved when a report is created, so we're unable to sort by or see the creation date. We're limit...read more
XAiEstimation on March 28, 2023
Can we add tags to outbound Calls to track things like "gathered email"
0 upvote
2 Replies
Top Contributor | Partner
March 28, 2023 17:41
Hello @XAiEstimation , this may not be possible within HubSpot right now, although that may change soon. You can only add tags to deals within HubSp...read more
david20100 on March 28, 2023
I create some reports. The values are good on the report, but of we click to see te details, insteaf of showing only the result, it brings all data of the table
0 upvote
2 Replies
March 28, 2023 18:22
Thanks for the comments, I don't have a lots of properties Filter Thanks
SeanPBurton on March 28, 2023
I am trying to create a report which visulises or lists contacts with more that one deal associated with them. I can create a simple custom report by choosing contact record id and count of deals, but I cannot then filter on count of deals. Ideally read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 28, 2023 00:46
Hi @SeanPBurton , There is a contact property "Number of associated deals", so you can simply filter for contacts where this number is >1 ...read more
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