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CRay8 4月 12日, 2024
Is it possible to search my HubSpot data base for all contacts with a specific area code and build a list?
0 いいね!
1 コメント
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
4月 12日, 2024 12:20
Hi @CRay8 , If you have imported or otherwise maintained the area code as a contact or company field, yes. You would follow these steps:...続きを読む
MMatschke 4月 12日, 2024
I'm trying to build a report that looks at total line item sales by company, over a period of time. I can't seem to get a total $ amount of line items however; it seems to only report on whole order/Deal totals. An example of what I'm trying to buil 続きを読む
0 いいね!
2 コメント
Accepted Solution
名誉エキスパート | Diamond Partner
4月 12日, 2024 12:01
Hi @MMatschke , In the custom report builder, choose the Deal and line item products and then choose a pivot table with these settings: ...続きを読む
Tom_B 4月 12日, 2024
Hello all, I'd like to recreate the default Reports, although I just checked via Chat with a HubSpot Representative that it's not possible at this time to simply duplicate and customise these. Does anybody have any idea (preferably screensho 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
4月 12日, 2024 19:30
Hey @Tom_B thank you for reaching out to our Community! While duplicating and customizing them directly may not be an option currently,...続きを読む
EBeauquesne 4月 12日, 2024
Je cherche a réaliser un rapport sous forme de tableau des résultats de mes séquences 2024. Je voudrais que ce tableau contienne en ordonné : les différentes séquences et en abscisse : le nombre d'inscriptions, ouvertures et clics par fonctions pro 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
4月 12日, 2024 10:49
Bonjour @EBeauquesne , Merci d'avoir posté dans la Communauté ! Pour les suggestions de nouvelles fonctionnalités, je vous recommande tout d'...続きを読む
justinlu 4月 11日, 2024
Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to build a report that allows me to see, by week, the percentage of leads (that already became MQLs) that are converting to MQLs within the 1st week, 2nd, 3rd, nth... I can see the average time it takes f 続きを読む
0 いいね!
4 コメント
Accepted Solution
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
4月 12日, 2024 00:46
Hello @justinlu , Alright, this can be achieved with the custom equation syntax of calculation properties: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/prop...続きを読む
EKyprioti 4月 11日, 2024
Hi everyone, I am trying to create some reports for the following conversions which include a percentage ( ratio) too : Lead form submission ( MQL) → Meeting Booked Meeting Booked → Meeting Done Meetings Done → Signups Signup → Paid 続きを読む
0 いいね!
2 コメント
4月 12日, 2024 11:03
Hey @TomM2 thanks for your reply. A Meeting Done can be either when a contact is moved from Lead status ( Attempt to contact) to "contacted" , "S...続きを読む
Arnunes 4月 10日, 2024
We're having a hard time making it available for leaders to have visibility into the metrics in the structures below them Currently we have a macro team, such as Team A, this team A has 3 other managers who take care of 3 other teams, for exampl 続きを読む
1 いいね!
5 コメント
4月 10日, 2024 19:02
Hi @Arnunes It seems there might be a mix-up between visibility settings and the use of ownership in your reports. The visibility level should ...続きを読む
zacbadgley 4月 09日, 2024
I am a marketer responsible for driving trials. I am having a hard time tying the contact attributes like a form fill, lifecycle stage, and source to a deal and it's stage. My goal is to be able to look back at trials generated in a previous mo 続きを読む
0 いいね!
4 コメント
Accepted Solution
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
4月 11日, 2024 00:21
@zacbadgley I don't see an issue with submitting the form via API or updating the contact record via API. You would simply set the hidden field val...続きを読む
MJMacpherson 4月 08日, 2024
Hi, I am fairly new to reporting and dashboards. My CEO wants a dashboard that shows all our target accounts (a custom created property in the company record) and status of activity and deals for each of those acconts all in one place. I am tryi 続きを読む
1 いいね!
2 コメント
ソートリーダー | Platinum Partner
4月 09日, 2024 08:29
Hey @MJMacpherson this is easy. You can create a company +deals report and use the filter tab were your custom property value is "know" or t...続きを読む
SSteward9 4月 05日, 2024
We have line items that have associated core charges, currently set up as an additional dollar amount on the line item. How do we get it so that when we select a product with a core charge to show the associated core charge on a quote and inevitably 続きを読む
0 いいね!
3 コメント
4月 08日, 2024 11:56
Hi @SSteward9 , Nice to meet you! We have an quote automation app for HubSpot called Portant . It it will give you more control over the d...続きを読む
BMitchell87 4月 05日, 2024
Hi, I'm trying to build a report to show my companies that haven't had a meeting for YTD and/or on rolling 6-monthly basis so I can make sure I'm not missing any of my quieter customers. I've not been able to work out how to do this and couldn't fi 続きを読む
1 いいね!
2 コメント
Accepted Solution
ソートリーダー | Platinum Partner
4月 05日, 2024 05:30
Hey @BMitchell87 you can try to build a custom report for the object company and sales activity you can use the table format and add as a...続きを読む
Santi25 4月 04日, 2024
I am trying to build a report that shows Leads assigned by agents vs actioned (activities) per day, week, and month, is that possible? The goal is to understand how many deals are "actioned" every day, week, and month per SR. Thanks!
0 いいね!
2 コメント
4月 08日, 2024 17:42
Hi @Santi25 , HubSpot has some useful reports already created you can leverage. Access reports via old navigation: Access r...続きを読む



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