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  • janeth on January 27, 2022
    2 Replies
    Any updates on when we will be able to export sequencing data down to the contact and if they clicked, replied etc...
    HubSpot Moderator
    January 27, 2022 13:25
    Hi @janeth , Thank you for reaching out! You can look at this idea for updates from the product team. I would recommend commenting in the ...
  • ASolares on January 27, 2022
    0 Replies
    It would be great to be able to filter viewers or remove views that are known to be false or test views from Documents reporting. I was testing a document and accidentally left it open on my computer and it recorded the time the document was open as...
  • Solved
    AzherRubbani on January 27, 2022
    2 Replies
    Hi I am looking for some pointers to create a report that tracks Deals pipline: Over time - 30 days Measuring the stage movement showing how the price (amount) has changed over the journey..
    January 27, 2022 04:06
    Thanks so much @karstenkoehler
  • AMapara on January 26, 2022
    1 Replies
    Hi, I created a dashbaord to track all activities - emails, notes, calls etc. The only issue is that on the dashboard the activity text shown is limited, and clicking on the acitivity takes you to the relevant company or contact page. Is the...
    Hall of Famer
    January 26, 2022 22:25
    Hi @AMapara , Options here are unfortunately limited. One option is to reduce the number of columns in your reports to give the remaining colu...
  • DWilliams80 on January 26, 2022
    3 Replies
    Hi there, I am creating a report that will show closed deals by companies over a rolling 365 day period. I have the report set up but I am having trouble setting a filter to only show companies with a certain number of deals during that time fra...
    Hall of Famer
    January 27, 2022 08:19
    Hi @DWilliams80 , I don't think that's possible, at least not out of the box. The only approach I can think of is creating a custom numb...
  • KSavoy on January 26, 2022
    1 Replies
    I have a list that has customers on it from the same managers. I only need to contact each manager once. How do I generate a list of just those managers?
    Hall of Famer
    January 26, 2022 22:13
    Hi @KSavoy , HubSpot deduplicates contacts by email address. These contacts should only show up multiple times in the same list if they have d...
  • KSavoy on January 26, 2022
    1 Replies
    I'm trying to create a list of contacts. I have many customers but many of them have the same manager. I want to be able to filter the list to just see the managers of the people who haven't made progress with our program. So I can email just the ma...
    Hall of Famer
    January 26, 2022 22:11
    Hi @KSavoy , I'm not sure if I'm understanding your request correctly. "I don't want to see the same manager listed a bunch of times" – this s...
  • RDelCid on January 26, 2022
    0 Replies
    Our internal team is working on pulling HubSpot reporting for workflows into Tableau. With that, we want to bring in recency to reporting but currently, we are not able to export a report that includes the send date from HubSpot. Also, the send date...
  • pyeargin on January 26, 2022
    1 Replies
    Hi, I have a deal pipeline where I want to move deals automatically to a "Email Opened" or a "Clicked on Link" stage when they do either of the above within a Hubspot-tracked email. I keep hearing about triggers but I can't see how to implement t...
    Hall of Famer
    January 26, 2022 03:59
    Hi @pyeargin , This would have to be a contact-based workflow. Only in contact-based workflow can you reference an email open or a link click....
  • PBreimer on January 25, 2022
    1 Replies
    Hey! One of our dashboards contains a report with several deal stages and the corresponding revenue amount per deal stage. Now, we would like to add a column to this report showing the total revenue (so sum of all the other columns in that repor...
    Hall of Famer
    January 25, 2022 10:58
    Hi @PBreimer , This depends on the exact report. If you have a table visualization, you should be able to add this totals column by clicking "...
  • sravanthi_yatam on January 24, 2022
    1 Replies
    how to calculate % between 2 columns in reports in hubspot
    Hall of Famer
    January 25, 2022 01:00
    Hi @sravanthi_yatam , This is currently not possible in HuBSpot. Other users have requested this already from the HubSpot product team and it'...
  • AdamSand on January 24, 2022
    1 Replies
    Hello! Thanks in Advance for reading and answering. We use an external CPQ software, since CMS isnt super integrated with Quotes (yet?) We sell projects that have a budget, and eventually an actual result. There is of course the accounting de...
    Key Advisor
    January 25, 2022 02:34
    Hey @AdamSand , You should be able to do this today with the use of two calculated fields. The first being the field to sum up all your costs...
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