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Shoff on September 23, 2020
Hello HubSpot users! I would like to create a dashboard for a particular sales person. I'd like to see how many emails sent, meetings set, calls made, deals created. How do I create it for an invidiudal with these parameters? Thanks in advance!
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1 Reply
Accepted solution
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
September 24, 2020 04:13
Hi @Shoff If you add the filter 'activity created by' to the standard activity reports, you can see by individual sales rep. For other repor...read more
NicoRlk on September 21, 2020
Hello, I am trying something that look simple to me but ... isn't finally. I am selling 2 kinds of subscriptions : standard and premium. I would like to create a view filtered by one of this products. I can't find how / where I can add a filter read more
1 Reply
Accepted solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
September 22, 2020 01:51
Hello @NicoRlk , This has been requested as a HubSpot Idea by a lot of others users here . There is a workaround for this using workflo...read more
arafat on September 20, 2020
I want to know how many deals were closed won in the last 3 months. I want the notification via email. In the single email, it should mention all the deal names with deal owners and deal amount. I can create a dashboard view, but I want a recurr read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted solution
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
September 20, 2020 06:06
Hi @arafat If you have created the dashboard report (presumably a table listing closed won deals) then you can have it emailed to you regual...read more
shauryasolanki on September 18, 2020
My deals page only shows 33 deals whereas in reality there should be around 500 what I the issue I already discussed the matter with your chat support he said to post here please help.
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3 Replies
Accepted solution
Community Manager
September 18, 2020 16:01
Hello @shauryasolanki At the moment you are only able to see deals ( Owned only/ Unassigned ). This means that only deals who your username ...read more
MMSFreynhofer on September 17, 2020
Hello, I am struggling to find out how the "Meetings booked totals by day" report (free Hubsport version) works. Specifically, does it report only on the meetings booked via the meetings tool (where prospects can book a time in a connected Go read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted solution
HubSpot Employee
September 18, 2020 06:23
Hey @MMSFreynhofer ! Thanks for reaching out! This would relate to any meeting activity logged on a contact record. So any meeting that...read more
Martha on September 16, 2020
You can email reports directly from your dashboards in your HubSpot portal. E.g. Sales productivity reports for Sales Managers. By navigating to the dashboard you would like to send out and hitting "actions > email this dashboard" you can f read more
September 24, 2020 05:43
Thanks Kira. Got it!
gio8888 on September 05, 2020
Hubspot newbie here. In most dashboard reports you would have a date range and a frequency. How do they work together? What would be the the difference for example between date range = monthly, freq = daily vs date range = monthly, freq = monthly.
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted solution
HubSpot Employee
September 05, 2020 09:23
Hey Gio, In Reports, Date Range refers to the period of time you want to analyse, and frequency tab shows how it will display: Do you want to a...read more
dbovs on September 01, 2020
When I export pipeline reports into a spreadsheets that contains a dollar value currency column, a $ is not inserted into the cells in the column. I then have to take the extra step of formatting the cells to insert the $. It would be great if this read more
3 Replies
Accepted solution
Community Manager
September 02, 2020 11:25
Hello @dbovs , Thank you for posting about this matter, I can confirm that currently, it is not possible to add that $ sign in front of Numb...read more
evpre on August 28, 2020
Hi there, I have set up a pipeline, a pretty basic one that almost comes from the original hubspot set up. And I added a couple of reports to my dashboard. The issue is that the reports do not retrieve the information from the pipeline correctly. Th read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted solution
Top Contributor
August 28, 2020 11:21
Hi @evpre ! One thing you can try is checking the Frequency of your dashboard filter. If you have the Frequency set to weekly, for example, you're p...read more
Tom-Erik on August 19, 2020
I want to combine data to show "success rate"We log all calls, and have a graph for that. We also have a view showing both calls this month and last month (pr. day) to compare. The main purpose (phase one) for the sales people is to book meetings/p read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted solution
Key Advisor
August 20, 2020 13:49
Hi @Tom-Erik , I know the wat that I would track it. However, I'm not sure how exactly you're tracking the meetings currently. The way I would t...read more
SanketM on August 14, 2020
Does anyone know how to create a Dashboard/Report for Deal movement by stages. Our deals don't necessarily move in all stages and they skip stages in between. I would like to analyse the monthly movement of the deals/Conversion ratios and Win %. Una read more
20 Replies
Accepted solution
Top Contributor
August 20, 2020 09:21
This is really a hard one and something we had trouble with. One item I recommend in these cases is a bit more manual in terms of the final results, ...read more
drewspi on August 13, 2020
Once upon a time there was a handy little filter called, "Created by user ID" that has mysteriously dissappeared. Though tracking down the User ID took some digging, it allowed us to generate a deal report by the user that created deals on a monthly read more
5 Replies
Accepted solution
HubSpot Employee
January 11, 2022 18:12
Hi @drewspi I just wanted to let you know the Custom Report builder has now an option to create reports with the option "Created by user ID" ...read more
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