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MStreib on December 05, 2023
Worked the problem - it was there all the time. Learnings. Hello, First time community post for me! I need to pull all Deals by Opportunity Type from our instance of Sales Hub Starter in preparation for a migration to Professional. My p read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
December 06, 2023 00:15
Hi @MStreib , Welcome to the community! In Sales Hub Starter, reporting options are unfortunately limited. However, if you're planning t...read more
workspaceman on October 27, 2023
Hey guys, When I view my deals in my sales pipeline and if I click on advanced filters > add filter > deal collaborator > is any of me paired with my original filter of 'deal owner is any of me' When I apply this filter I only see deal read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Guide | Platinum Partner
October 30, 2023 08:31
Hi @workspaceman Can you look at this video and recreate it in your portal? It should help. https://www.loom.com/share/5c2c6ac8e9604ffb900ac41a...read more
IPearson9 on October 25, 2023
Good Morning I am looking to create a map of current customers, by postcode. I have created this in a previous company who did not use Hubspot, by importing a csv file into Google maps, this then allows you to colour code different categories o read more
1 Reply
Guide | Partner
October 25, 2023 06:11
Hey @IPearson9 Currently, I am not able to find the direct feature in HubSpot but you can give a try to this Integration: https://mapsly.co...read more
NJ_001 on October 16, 2023
Hello HubSpot Community, I'm reaching out in hopes of finding a solution to a customization issue we've encountered within our HubSpot setup. Our business operates on two unique fronts: product sales and secondment. These distinct functions have read more
0 upvote
9 Replies
Accepted Solution
Contributor | Platinum Partner
October 16, 2023 10:30
@NJ_001 unfortunately not, this is a manual process that each user must complete themselves - https://community.hubspot.com/t5/CRM/Customizing-Def...read more
JLetellier on August 16, 2023
Hello HubSpot Community, I am trying to find a solution for a reporting issue for which I have hit a dead end. Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve : All my properties are in contacts. One property determines if you are an experie read more
1 upvote
3 Replies
Guide | Partner
August 18, 2023 09:16
Hello @JLetellier , The employees assigned will be a list and one employee can be assigned to multiple records, right? If so is the case, then...read more
M1tesh on July 28, 2023
I am trying to set goals but at the last stage I'm getting the following error and can't work out how to fix it. Can aanyone help
1 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor
July 28, 2023 05:43
Hello @M1tesh , It's really strange. I do not see any issue as far, I would suggest you to ask from the hubspot if still the issue persists. ...read more
AFish on June 23, 2023
Hi there, Found a few articles referencing custom objects as a use case for calculating comissions ( example here ). Sounds like the Custom Object would be Comissions and you would use data from other properties / objects and calculated proper read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Key Advisor | Partner
June 25, 2023 08:25
Ah ok that makes sense! Well it's definitely an idea, realistically any object would do for this though. You'll have to use a workflow to copy values...read more
CRICornwall on June 13, 2023
Hello Community, I am encountering an issue with my custom 'Pitch and Miss by rep' report in HubSpot, specifically with the amounts not calculating correctly. I would appreciate any insights or guidance you can provide to help resolve this probl read more
1 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Partner
June 13, 2023 15:52
Hey @CRICornwall , thanks for reaching out! I think this has to do with the deal stage probability and the properties you're pulling into the report...read more
chloey on June 05, 2023
Hey everyone! I am trying to create a report which will let me know how many follow up calls each rep makes. Some of our leads are recycled, so I need a way which will differentiate a follow up calls (e.g. they called the contact back with read more
Recognized Expert | Partner
June 05, 2023 08:45
Hey @chloey , thanks for reaching out! This is a great question. The easiest way to report on different call types would be to customize your ...read more
JArand on April 19, 2023
Hi, Recently when I try to access this tab I have been recieving the following message: 'We couldn't find that view . If it is shared view ask the owner for access.' We have no owner of this view, it is a default HS view from what we under read more
April 19, 2023 17:17
Hi All, This issue is resolved, not sure what happened, but is operating fine. Cheers John
GHernandez2 on March 13, 2023
Hi, I need to create a dashboard for a sequence performance weekly report and haven't been able to filter the dashboard/report only for one specific sequence.
1 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Partner
March 13, 2023 22:13
Hey @GHernandez2 , thanks for reaching out! What dashboard/report are you looking at currently? You should be able to either: H...read more
AGerlach2 on February 22, 2023
I am trying to export my reports (CSV format) we made but when they get exported, they are only showing company ID, not the Company Name. How can I ensure the Company name comes through?
Community Manager
April 10, 2023 15:27
Hi @SimonDEBRITO ! Thanks for sharing! Diana
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