Workflow trigger reporting?

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Is this a missing feature or can I just not find it?

I have created Workflows and now I need a report to show what workflows have been triggered and how many times for a week, month, 1/4 etc.

I can't find any way to create a report on a workflow.

Edit: I found the Workflow history page where you can filter for something triggering however this is just a long list.  There is no graph to tell me how many of what has been triggered.  Would be convenient if this History list could be exported to .csv.



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Hi @Geoffww 


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, currently, this feature is not supported by HubSpot. The idea has been submitted and there seems to be a growing amount of support for a report like this:


Head over and upvote this idea to help nudge HubSpot to add this feature. 


I'd be interested to know if others have devised some kind of workaround.

Will Smith
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