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Why is the Forecast amount (legacy) a legacy option?

Hi all, 


I have a question on the following setting of the forecasting tool: 


Click the Forecast deal amount dropdown menu and select an amount.

  1. Weighted amount: the Amount multiplied by the Deal probability. 
  2. Total amount: the full deal amount.
  3. Forecast amount (legacy): allows you to set the Forecast probability deal property manually or through workflow automation. This option will appear in accounts created prior to Jul 19th, 2021.


We don't want the stage to decide the closing rate and full amount does not give the right impression of realistic revenue. 


Ideal for us would be that the close rate would be based on the Forecast probability, and we are aware we can set a workflow to dictate the close rates per forecast probability. 


My question is: Why the Forecast amount (legacy) is a legacy option? What are the consequences of using a legacy option? 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Why is the Forecast amount (legacy) a legacy option?

Hello @MTapanTrengo, thank you for providing all this information. I want to invite to this conversation some of our top experts @karstenkoehler @webdew @Bryantworks any recommendations to @MTapanTrengo matter?


Thank you,


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