Website Activity - Not Tracking


I am not seeing any Website Activity for any contacts.


We have correctly installed the tracking script on our website and have confirmed that contacts have visited our site, but for every contact there is does not appear to any tracking a data.


In every contact profile, this is all we see:


Is there something we're doing wrong? 

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Thankyou Erika - this is hugely helpful and indeed saves me a lot of time! 


Hi @TrevorP 


Did you find a solution? My web just had the same problem. HubSpot stopped tracking and I don't know what to do.


Hey @TrevorP and @jennysowyrda ,

I have just worked through the same issue that was described in the initial post, read the complete thread and spent two hours on trying to find out what changes can make it work. I shall add that I am on the Marketing Starter plan, but would expect it to work the same in the free version (at least for the time period in which the website activity is included in the free plan).


I did get it to work as expected going one specific route:


  • I created a marketing email and included a link to my website (HubSpot replaces that link with a tracking link in the email being sent out)
  • Sent the email to one of my private accounts which previously existed, but did not show any website activity despite having the tracking code included in my WordPress site
  • Then I opened the email in the gmail web app in Chrome (which correctly showed up in the tracking of the marketing email)
  • Then I clicked on the link to my product page and voila, website activitiy started to come in in my contact



I noticed that this activity added another cookie on top of the 7 that were already there for my website.


I then closed the browser, re-opened it and went back to my website by typing in the address. The tracking still worked as expected in HubSpot.


So it seems that the cookie / tracking implementation does not work as desired simply based on the tracking code implementation. I would expect this to work already based on normal tracked emails being sent from my Outlook client (with the HubSpot Sales Plugin activated) or direct tracked emails sent via the HubSpot app. But that does not seem to be the case right now and thus you would likely be missing the biggest part of your website activity.


The only solution right now appears to be to send your contacts links via Marketing Emails every now and then and hope that they click on them at least once before visiting your website.


@jennysowyrdaFeel free to let me know in case I am wrong on any of the above.


I should add the following. Just after submitting the post above. HubSpot started to show historic Website Activity for my contact which until minutes ago just shows a single Site Visit. Now it updated it to: