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Viewing all activity for a user


Hello - 

Is there a way I can see all of a specific user's activity within Hubspot (emails sent, tasks set, calls logged, notes made, etc) for a specific period of time.  So for example, if I wanted to see all the activity of a person over a week, can I see that? If so, where can I view that? Thanks!

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Viewing all activity for a user


Hi @sbalani  The Sales performace report is a default report that can be added to your Sales Dashboard. It shows contacts added and worked 


The Sales Performance, Productivity, and Deals Closed reports are all default and can be added to your dashboard. These reports can be filtered down to individual rep and time frame. They provide a great overall look athe performance of your team. Find out more here.



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Viewing all activity for a user


Long time user, first time posting a question.

I hope I'm putting this in the correct place.

I just recently started having my sales team use Hubspot. Is there a way to be able to see each others tracked email activity? I can log in and see MY email activity to a contact and tracking details, but I can't see any of that activity from my other sales people. Is this possible?