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User Permissions for Reports

Hey Hubspot Community!

Is there a way for me to restrict certain reports from a user? Say for instance I want my Biz Dev team to be able to create their own reports but I don't want them to have the ability to see what another Biz Dev team member is doing. Say a leaderboard report or call activity report. Is there a way to do that? I'd love if they could create reports but only have the option to see their data and not have the ability to include other Biz Dev members. Thanks!

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User Permissions for Reports

Hey @CCampbell_DI, thanks for reaching out! This is a great question.


Permissions for reporting are actually configured at the dashboard level in HubSpot, not the individual report level. 


If you head to the Assigned section in the top right of the dashboard, you'll be able to control the users that can view and edit your dashboard and the reports it contains:


Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 3.45.45 PM.png


Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 3.45.34 PM.png

Honestly, I think your best bet would be to create a rep-specific dashboard that only they (and any super admins) can view and edit. You can get them started with standard reports (filtered to show just the activities/records where they are the owner) that the rep can then freely edit as they see fit — just be sure to clone reports for each dashboard so that the report itself lives on only the individual rep's dashboard. Otherwise, updates made to the report on one dashboard will be reflected in all dashboards where that report lives.


That said, you aren't able to really restrict or limit filters, so a rep would have the ability to pull in data for other reps. But isn't data transparency and a single source of truth part of the reason that you have HubSpot? Reps are entering and maintaining data for a reason, and it typically benefits organizations that make that data accessible to encourage teams to collaborate and hold each other accountable. 


You can find additional details on user permissions under the Reports section in this HubSpot Knowledge Base article.


Hope this helps!!

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