Trying to understand impact of cookie blocking on traffic analytics


Can someone give me an answer as to why our ads on 3rd party sites page analytcis are not inline with what I see in pageviews in Hubspot? A digital banner ad from an online mag shows for instance 119 clicks in one month. In Hubspot I see 8 page views on that landing page.  The online mag publisher tells me it is because people block cookies. But from what I hear from Hubspot, that should not impact page views. True or not true? 

Even if it is true it seems so far off that I'm surprised that many people block cookies. 


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Hi DMurphy, 


This is interesting. I know I listened to a podcast recently talking about how Firefox and Safari now automatically block cookies and Google is joining in ( a bit different on how they block cookies) here is a good article on this.


I am surprised though that the  link hubspot created isnt tracking this though? Do you have the ad in a campaign?


It is part of a campaign. Hubspot has since responded to my ticket that I opened and now tells me that cookie blocking does indeed impact pageviews. I am surprised by the amount of people that are blocking cookies in this case though. Something like a 75% difference when comparing clicks to pageviews. Frustrating!