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Hi all, 


We've just recently moved from AutoPilot to HubSpot, so we're all new and just exploring HubSpot as of now. We are on the Marketing Hub Professional Account. 


We'd like to know if there's a way to track important activities that a contact has done and place them in the contact dashboard for easy viewing while a Sales person conducts a call?


For example, if a contact downloads an info pack that we send them via email or if a contact clicks on a payment link via email, it's placed somewhere in the contact dashboard for easy viewing? Let me know if anyone has come up with a solution to this or is encountering something close to it. 


Appreciate the help! 


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I hope your enjoying HubSpot and that your finding it useful for your team and your company!


You are able to track contacts activity quite easily, whether thats creating a list, using forms, landing pages, emails etc..


I have added some notes below under all of your examples that you listed out:


Contact downloads an info pack that you send them via email:

To track this activity, make sure you use a landing page in which the email would direct the contact to through a CTA. Then on the landing page, it would contain copy about how the piece of content can add value to their business; along with a form which would require the contact to add their first name, last name, email address etc.. any form fields you would like. Once the contact fills in that form, they will be redirected to a thank you page in which you can use for the tracking purposes. You can then create a list with the enrollemnt: Form Submission - {Choose the name of your form on your landing page} - {Choose the landing page in which the form is on}. This will then populate and give you the total amount of contacts that have filled in that form and downloaded the piece of conent.


Contact clicks on a payment link via email:

To track this within HubSpot, you can create a CTA in which the link would be added so that when a contact clicks on the CTA you can add the contacts to a list. This is similar to the example before: The enrollment would be - CTA - {Choose the name of your CTA}, this would then give you the total amount of contacts who have clicked on that CTA.


Contacts Activity:

If you wanted to view the contacts activity, you can click on a contact record by locating to "Contacts" within the top navigation of HubSpot, then in the drop down "Contacts'. 


Once you click into a contact record, in the middle of their record, you will see a timeline of the contact, from the point in which they entered your CRM to the point that they become a customer.



If you needed further support on getting started with HubSpot or want assistance with onboarding, please feel free to reach out to us! We offer a range of onboarding packages that could help you get 100% set up and ready to go including training on how to use HubSpot so that you feel comfortable and confident in what you're doing. 


Email me, to find out more. 

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Hi Adam, 


Thanks for your reply! I was thinking of a way that our Sales people can easily spot the "important" activity within the contacts dashboard without needing to click on anything else (IE. Lists that need to be clicked on once you get into the dashboard). We were thinking about using properties but this might turn messing after a lot of campaigns being run. The scare with using the activity of the contact in the middle of the dashboard is that the important actions might get burried down with other details that won't be informative to our Sales. 


Again, thanks for the reply and let me know if you've encountered anything of this sort.