Track upsell amounts in deals.

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We get substantial upsell amounts and would like to be able to track these amounts like we use to be able to do in Salesforce. Example: we might have a deal that becomes SQL for $50,000 in Dec 2017, in March 2018 we move to Proposal plus we have upsold by $25,000 so new total Amount is $75,000. Then we close it in May 2018 and in the process upsell it again for an additional $10,000 making the total Amount $85,000. We track SQL, Proposal and Closed amounts by the month. How can we show the upsell amounts so that they fall within the correct period that they were achieved? i.e. the original $50,000 would have been included in December's SQL total, however when we upsold the $25,000 in May that $25k should increase the May SQL total and not the December one. Looking for help how to achieve this so we have accurate meaningful reporting happening.

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Hi @PL 


At this time there is not a way to track the upsell amounts separately. You can certainly change the amount of the deal as it progresses for accurate total amount reporting, but you would not be able to separate out the upsell within that.


What you could do is create separate deals for the upsells and include links to the parent deal within the notes section of both the upsell deal and the parent deal, and create a property that indicates whether the deal is an upsell or parent deal. Certainly not elegant, but at least you would be able to report on it accurately. 


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Ed Justen

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Hi Ed,


We already create new deals for upsells but, what about downsells? This also happens in companies as well.

This might be something worth looking into for future updates.


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