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Hi, is there a way how I can see in dashboard current deal stages and current time in each stage. I found out that "Time in stage xxx" shows values only for deals which finished, has been moved from this stage.


This would help us to understand and identify deals they are in delays or simply to see that there can be a problem if the deal is not moving and already spend more than 5 days in current stage.

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Hi @Hana Welcome to the Community!  This thread https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Sales-Dashboards-Reporting/Report-of-dates-and-times-spent-in-deal-... issues around creating an actvie Time-in-deal-stage report in depth. Basically, the algorithm would have to be constantly recalculating the number of days in stage, which is technically not possible at this time.


There is suggestion in the Ideas Forum located here: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Dates-Spent-In-Deal-Stage/idi-p/11064 Could you head over and add your feedback?  




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I was looking to create a report that pulled the number of days between two time-based data points. For example, I was looking to find the number of days between "Date entered *name of deal stage*" and "Date Created" for a company.


It was explained to me by Hubspot Support that this relied on heavy calculations that couldn't be supported on the back end. I wish that the development team would work on solving for this as I think it would open up some valuable reporting insight.

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Completely understand where you are coming from in the post! Being able to look at this at a business level, product level, and individual Sales Rep level can be extremely challenging inside of Hubspot Reporting. 


I have helped solve these problems in our Sales Rep Scorecard application


Let me know if you would like to chat further on this!


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You can contact Pipedrive and find out how they did it.  Their system calculates time in stage and shows it on each deal.