The "Recent Activity" reports widget keeps re-adding itself to the Sales Dashboard


Although the select users who have the administrative access to do so are not adding the "Recent Activity" report widget back to the Sales Dashboard, eventually it will reappear even after removing it from the dashboard many times. Has anyone else experienced this or know why it might be happening?


The client experiencing this is very adament about not having the recent activity appear because they would like some of the sales user activity to be at least semi-private and limited to the separate regional sales teams/pipelines without having to change the privacy settings to be HubSpot-owner only (since some companies and deals are shared among the teams). With the current CRM capabilities the easiest solution for now is to at least remove the recent activity report that is showing all activity for all users in the portal at the moment.   


Thank you for reading and any help you can offer!

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HubSpot Employee

Hello @denae,


Thank you for your question.


Users in a portal do not need administrative access to be able to add the Recent Activity widget back to the Sales Dashboard, so it is pretty likely that one of the users (even if they only have Sales User permissions) is adding the widget back in.  I tried to reproduce the widget randomly showing up again after I removed it in my own portal, and I was unable to do so.  


I'm going to do some research to find out if there have been any thoughts about limiting who can edit the default dashboard.  While I do some digging, please feel free to submit an idea to the Hubspot Ideas Forum to suggest that the ability to limit who can edit the default dashboards be made available in a future product release.   


If I find out any additional information I'll update you here.




Hi Brett, what was the final solution here?