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Brand new to HubSpot.   Just migrated from another CRM initially to the free version of HubSpot CRM and about to upgrade our marketing capabilities.  Noticed that ever since we have been using HubSpot the Team Activity on the Sales Dashboard only updates once per day over night (we are in Australian east coast, so at some point during the European day). This is the case for all activity types and the latest activity on the list is always something from yesterday afternoon/evening sometime.  We have the Settings set to Rolling Date Range and Last 365 Days.

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Hi @AntBishop,


Welcome to HubSpot! Thank you for sharing this with the Community! 


While the reports will update in real time, when you put a time parameter on the dashboard, such as last 365 days, the filter being applied will always begin the previous day. Filters such as "last 30 days" do not include today, so would be the last 30 days starting yesterday.


The confusion around these definitions is something that the product team is aware of and is working on improving.


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