Storing data about deals


We have a investors (contact) and they are investing into some company. Investment into company is deal. It works, it is clear.

But When investors (contact) are investing some amount (money). And we need to store this amount somewhere.For instance: we have 2000 clients invested into 1 companie (we created 1 deal) but we don't know where we can store the amount they invested. We can not use contact property because in total we will have more than 1000 deals. We cannot create property for every deal and store value into this property.

Please can you help me with this case ? How can we store amount and later filter and create workflow by this amount ?
Thank you.

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HI @pavolFin,


To clarify you have: 

1. Investors (contacts)

2. Companies (companies)

3. Money into Company (deals)


And you are wondering how you can denote different amounts of money in association with one deal. 


I would recommend either creating a deal for each amount of money/investor so you can break down the totals. You could associate all of the deals with one company to ensure they are organized and associated with the proper company/investment, however that will be the easiest way (in my opinion) to see the segments of money coming in. 


Or, you can create a custom property and use this for the amount of money, however the amount of reporting you'll be able to do based on the contact property will be less.


Thank you,



Hi @jennysowyrda 

Thank you for your answer.

Yes segmentation is a solution, but not for us.
We need to know exactly who invested and how much he invested.

The problem is with filtering. When segmenting, it's not easy to filter people by the amount invested. You need to add a few filters for each deal. And now imagine you'd filter over 20 deal. It may then be a 60-100 condition depending on the number of segments.

It's not very usable and easy to use.