Setting company goals / quota's for other metrics e.g. opportunity value, number of meetings etc.

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Our business development team has a number of different targets to hit. For example we don't just use 'closed amount' as the BD team is responsible for lead generationa and not closing. Therefore their targets are based on opportunity value, number of meetings and number of calls / emails. 


Is there any way to set a quota for opportunity value, number of meetings or number of calls / emails so that we can report vs target? 


Any help would be much appreciated. 





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Hey @Justinboucher,


The quota in the Deal Forecast report shows you how close you are to achieving your monthly goal. It will only appear once you've selected a current date range such as This week, This month, This quarter, or This year.


When your dashboard is filtered by All team members, the quota will be an aggregate of the individual quotas for each of the deal owners in your account.

You'll set your deal quotas in your deal settings. There are two ways to access your deal settings:

Access your deal settings from the Deal Forecast report

  • Navigate to your HubSpot dashboards by clicking the sprocket icon in the top left corner of your account.
  • Navigate to your Sales Dashboard at the upper left. 
  • Hover over the Deal Forecast report and click Set Quotas in the upper right-hand corner. 

Access your deal settings from your sales settings

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.


  • In the left sidebar menu, click Sales Deals.
  • Scroll down to the Monthly Quotas section. Here, you can set the monthly quotas for individual deal owners. Click Add another HubSpot owner to add a quota for another HubSpot user.


  • When you're done, click Save at the bottom left.
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hello: what level of hubspot is required for quotas? We are just getting started with sales hub starter.

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Hey @Justinboucher 


We can definitely help you with this.


Our app, Sales Rep Scorecards, organizes all your HubSpot data by rep, and lets you integrate goals.  You can even pull the goals in from Google Sheets, so that if you want to change them on the fly, you can.


Here's a G2Crowd review from one of our customers using Sales Rep Scorecards to report on their reps and whether those reps are hitting goals.


Here's an example report of Demos, Deals, Average Order Size, and Bookings against targets.


Reporting on progress against goals with HubSpot CRMReporting on progress against goals with HubSpot CRM