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Sequece report - Contacts enrolled designation and country

Hi all, I have to share the report with my Management on the designation our team enrolled in the sequence with respect to country along with company names. Can any one help on that.
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Sequece report - Contacts enrolled designation and country

I don't think you can actually do that with reporting. Unfortunately sales activities - both sequences and email templates - don't really have any good way to do reporting beyond rolled all the way up to the sequence/template itself.


What I find works decently well, but is a massive PITA to implement, is to have separate sequences for the specific firmographic or demographic data points you want to report by. So if you want to know how people in a particular country are interacting with a sequence or template, you build a specific one for only them - like having "Sequence 1 - Canada" and "Sequence 1 - Romania" and whatnot.


The other way I've tried to do it is with custom properties - for example I have a custom property called Sales Email Engagement Status which is tied to a few automation Workflows - so if Recent Sales Email Open Date is known, and Sales Email Engagement Status is none of Opened, Clicked, or Installed, then set Sales Email Engagement Status as Opened, and so on. Then you can create a custom report with Country and the Status to see a snapshot of each country's engagements.


I've been pushing internally at Demand Sage to try and come up with a solution using our own platform, but it's still a ways away, I think.


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Sequece report - Contacts enrolled designation and country

Hi @Ruchika,


Do you mind sharing more details about your current set up and your end goal? 

The more information, screenshots and examples you can provide the better the Community can assist!


I also want to tag in some thoughtleaders to see if they have any suggestions.

Hi @Bryantworks@AM8@MAC-MCB, could you share your thoughts with @Ruchika?





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Sequece report - Contacts enrolled designation and country

Good Day Jess,


Thanks for replying to my query and apologies for delayed reponse.


My business head whats to know the number of business stakeholders and number of Information technology heads I enrolled in the sequence (I can get a combined number but to segregate i need to manually do lot of task. 


Please see the sample report that I am supposed to share. 


Sr. No.Start DateCampaign NameOwnerVerticalTarget AudienceNo. of AccountsNo. of Business SponsorsNo. of IT HeadsNo. of ContactsNo. of Leads
121st AprilxxxxxxxxxAll

Business Sponsors- Purchase/Contracts/Procurement Head

IT - IT Head/CTO/IT Manager/ICT Manager