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Hi all: 


I am trying to create a report that shows estimated monthly revenue within a deal.


For example, we might have a deal with a total value of $20,000. The revenue from that deal comes in month-by-month, not all out once. In month 1 it might be $5,00, in month 2 $10,000, and in month 3 $5,000. So we would want to show month one having a projected revenue value of $5,000, etc. 


Anyone have a solution for this beyond setting up a new deal for each month? 


Thank you! 

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Have you considered using Microsoft Power BI?  You can use Power BI to design a dashboard for your recurring revenue that does the calculations you need.  Our certified HubSpot integration to Microsoft Power BI can automate this process for you.  (My apologies for the commercial message!) Power BI comes free with most Office 365 subscriptions.   


We are a HubSpot Platinum Agency.  We built the Power BI integration for HubSpot for our own needs because of the weakness of HubSpot reporting. 


Our connector includes a data warehouse and reporting templates, and updates your data automatically in Power BI. Unlike the other middleware solutions, it does one thing really well -- moving HubSpot CRM, Marketing and Sales data into a robust analytical environment -- at a very low price ($99 a month including setup and support).


PM me with any questions, or submit a request on our website.

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Following.  We are running into the same challenge.  


You should check out It completely resolves this issue allowing revenue to be spread over multiple months within an opportunity. It will even integrate monthly reporting into Xero and QuickBooks in the future.




Looks like you have a couple of suggestions already for outside reporting tools.


If you are still facing this challenge Sales Rep Scorecards can also solve this problem and do it at a business level as well as individual sales rep level. It can even break it out by product if that is something you need.


Let me know if you would like to learn more!


Hi @sskurdah @NickSalInbound 


If you are looking for one integrated platform for all your data management requirements, from data ingestion to creating reports you may want to consider Sprinkle. With Sprinkle you can decide your KPIs and build customised reports on the go. Furthermore, the refresh rate of the reports can also be set to realtime.




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We have a client who needs monthly forecasting for future months as well, they had this in Pipedrive and I can imagine this being helpful. I personally think this could be added to HubSpot reporting just fine, eliminating the need to have to invest in 3rd party tools to get it.

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