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Sales Analytics - Deal Funnel Filter Problem

The "Deal funnel" report provided in the sales analytics tool (section Funnels & Pipelines) seems to be not working correctly. 

When "all stages in order" view is selected, the date range filter (which is supposed to be filtering the create date) works completely fine. However, when the "any stage" view is selected, the date range filter does not filter the deals which were created outside of the timeframe specified. For example, when I choose the date range as last quarter, in the deal stage "Closed won" I still see some deals which were created last year (but only closed in last quarter).

This problem can be solved by leaving the date range filter as all data and setting an additional "create date" filter. But what does the "date range by create date" filter mean then?


Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 18.52.14.png

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Sales Analytics - Deal Funnel Filter Problem

Hi there @AlicanS and thanks for the tag @PamCotton!


In this instance and with the 'any stage' view, it looks at the specific moment in time rather than movement through pipelines (like 'all stages in order'). When we're looking at this view, the date range filter of 'create date' doesn't actually refer to the initial deal creation date - rather its referring to the date that that particular deal was 'created' (or moved into), the stage. So what its saying above is not that 77 deals were created and lost in the 'last month', but rather that 77 pre-existing deals were only 'created' in the Closed Lost stage last month. I hope that helps?

May I ask what you are trying to view or achieve with the reports? I've had the most success personally using a combination of inclusion and exclusion factors particular around both create date and close date for deals (ie, create date is anywhere in the last 365 days but close date is any of this quarter).

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Community Manager

Sales Analytics - Deal Funnel Filter Problem

Hello, @AlicanS, I would like to invite some of our top experts to this conversation @CWardle @jfreeman @Edyta7510 any recommendations to @AlicanS?


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